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Are you shopping for the Better Good?

March 22, 2019

Are you shopping for the Better Good?

Every journey in life creates a deeper understanding and desire to know more.  Parenthood was a journey that took my “all natural” way of life to the next level. It began a few years before I had my first baby, by ridding our apartment room by room of toxins. I felt going through each room was less overwhelming and allowed me more time to research alternatives.  Unfortunately, the research still felt exhausting and deceiving. Until then, I had been purchasing products I assumed were safe. I mean, these brands had to care about my health, the planet, and overall eco-system, right? These types of products were marketed to me my entire life and stocked on every grocery store shelf. Unfortunately, I was mistaken and found out that the word “all natural” is commonly mis-represented and falsely advertised. It actually means nothing and is typically used as a marketing ploy.

While pregnant, this desire turned into my greatest mission. A gift that would keep giving to my growing family, the planet and all future generations. I had the choice to start our daughter’s life free of toxins and harsh chemicals, all while creating a more sustainable planet for future generations. The nesting began and I researched every product from baby formula, food, soap, lotion, clothing, toothpaste, chew toys, playmats and the list goes on (& on & on).  I began to choose brands that held actual accredited certifications such as: EWG, Demeter Farms, GOTS, FSC, Cruelty Free, Egyptian Cotton & Certified Vegan.  By supporting these brands and certifications, I knew it would begin to forge a path to creating change and my desire to share this with other conscious Mother’s became dear to my heart.

Blossum was born to bring certified, hand-curated, non-toxic baby products into one marketplace for all of the parents out there who share our similar vision. We want to create transparency about the brands and products we carry, because you deserve to know what goes into the manufacturing process of items that your precious children eat, touch and play with every day. Every time you make a purchase with us, you're giving back to the sustainability of our planet and all life that follows. Now ask yourself this; are you shopping for the better good?

-XOXO Ashley Handa

"The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth."


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