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About Us

Once parenthood began, our worlds completely changed.  It continued to blossum watching our little one grow, learn, and develop every day.  However, time and sleep became very limited while the search for non-toxic products felt never ending.  Finding clean alternatives to formula, diapers, dishware, binkies, chew toys, etc, felt so time consuming.  Especially the deceiving marketing term “all natural”.  You will find the label “all natural” on many products which are far from being that.  In a world already full of so many toxins, we wanted to eliminate as much as we could for our family, home and general lifestyle.  We have taken this love and passion to build our store, Blossum Organic, to bring our customers safe alternatives, while saving time!  All of our products have been hand curated, reviewed and personally vetted by us.  Every time you make a purchase with Blossum Organic you are creating a more sustainable future for your family and Mother Earth.  Happy shopping and thank you for all the support!

Ashley, Anant, Addy & Mia