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Hevea Star & Moon Pacifier (3-36 Months)

Original HEVEA Non-Toxic, Natural Rubber Star & Moon Pacifier, Orthodontic, 3-36 months, Plastic-Free

  • 100% natural rubber latex – people and planet friendly production
  • No PVC, BPA, phthalates and artificial colors
  • Soft and gentle on baby’s face
  • Uniquely designed ventilation holes
  • Hygienic solid design – eliminates bacteria
  • The ergonomically butterfly shape gives space for nose and chin.  Prevents vacuum around the mouth. 

Your Planet. Your Fingerprints

The life you live tells a story – your story – and the beauty of that is that you can decide what the story should be about. You decide the plot and determine the main characters. We all live on your planet. Like you, we want to take care of the planet for your sake, for the sake of your children and their children.

Everything you do affects our planet. What you eat, drive and buy has a real-life impact on our habitat. We all leave our fingerprints on the planet. And, luckily, we all get to decide what kind of fingerprints we leave. It’s our hope at HEVEA that our work, our products, will help you leave a fingerprint to be proud of.



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