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Holle Stage 1 Organic Infant Cow Milk Formula (0 Months+)

Demeter & Bio/Organic European Formula

Age: 0 Months+
Size: 400g

Country of Origin: Germany

Why Choose Holle? 🍼

No added sugar, coloring or brown rice syrup

✅ No Preservatives, GMO's or Fluoride


✅ Demeter Certified and EU Organics Certified

✅ High quality & far superior compared to leading brands

✅ Holle has no concerning ingredients like US brands

 Why Choose Blossum? 🌎

✅ We're a dedicated sustainable, eco-friendly and organic baby shop

✅ All orders ship within 24 hours from our Chicago warehouse

✅ Sourced directly from Holle Distributor

✅ All products are irradiation free

✅ We're a US & family owned business (Go Cubs!)

✅ By shopping at Blossum your supporting a sustainable future for people, mother earth, and most importantly, your baby ❤


Attributes: Suitable for use from birth on or if changing from breastfeeding. Also ideal for feeding in a bottle but also for the preparation of the Holle grain porridge range. Easy to digest, gluten free, starch free, no added sugar, protein balanced.

Production: Holle Organic Infant Formula is made of 99% of organically produced ingredients, for example organic milk from cows which have been kept in their natural environment.

Ingredients: skim milk*, sweet whey powder (partly demineralized *, vegetable oils*, maltodextrin*, vitamins and minerals. * from organic agriculture

This baby formula is not expired – the expiration date is 03/01/2020 or later at minimum


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